The Book

Cover for Training Your Bernese Mountain Puppy: A Positive Approach For You And Your Dog


A Positive Approach For You And Your Dog

You want to train your Bernese Mountain puppy and make it into a well-mannered family member.

But it’s your first Berner puppy. Or (gasp!) maybe you’ve never had a dog. And you’re wondering how this breed works, what to expect, where do you even begin? What type of financial investment are we talking? Is a fenced-in yard a necessity? Can I get one if I live in an apartment? I have a cat, will this be a problem? Is it true Berners are stubborn? Are they easy to train?

Relax this book is here to help. You get clear, direct instructions, broken down into doable portions. 100% positive dog training. Just in case, you’ve got troubleshooting sections, too. And did I mention I added pretty pictures of my gorgeous dog, Bono, for each month of age from month 1 to month 12?

You’ll love this book and your dog will thank you for reading it. So press that buy button now and begin.

P.S.: If you’ve had Berners before you probably know all this stuff. But I still encourage you to read it. First of all, it’s a fun read, if I do say so myself. And second, it will explain things in a new way and you’ll gain even more insight into your puppy’s education.

P.P.S.: This is not a general dog training book, it’s specific for Bernese Mountain Dogs. Berners are a very unique breed, so most of the instructions in this book wouldn’t apply well for a different breed.