What if you don’t have time to train your dog

The past month I haven’t been doing a great deal of training with Bono. To be honest, I only did the one hour weekly group course and a little bit of, “Bono, close the dooooor!” thingy. I mean, dear Bono, I’m not your door lady 😀 Ha-ha-ha!

Actually, I’m so proud he knows how to close the door, that I insert this information in as many conversations as I can.

Co-worker: “My kids are just terrible, they won’t listen to me, they have no manners. I have no authority in front of them. I mean, I just don’t know what to do anymore…”

Me: “What are their ages?”

Co-worker: “I have a 3yo daughter and a 6 yo son.”

Me: “Did you know a dog is as intelligent as a 3yo? By the way, my dog has great manners. Look at this video of him closing the door. Isn’t he the best?”

Co-worker: “Sure, whatever…”

Ok, that’s not exactly how the conversation went. But, you get the point. I brag about my dog all the time. And my dog loves being bragged on, and he loves working.

This is one of the reasons I feel so guilty when I skip training. I deprive myself and my dog from a wonderful moment together.

It’s all in the internal dialogue. “Oh, I’m so tired, I still have to do this and that and work was so hard today. I don’t have time to train, buddy!”

And some days I believe it. But, is it true? Let’s see, a training session takes 2 to 3 minutes.

You really don’t have 2 minutes? In a whole day?

If you don't have 2 minutes, you have a bigger problem, honey

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