About me

Hi, I’m Alexandra Niculai!

When baby Bono The Berner became part of our family, I read two books about dog training. The wrong books — you know, the ones where they tell you to show him who’s the boss. Obviously, none of them emphasized the importance of intensive socialization for the Bernese Mountain Dog, nor other Berner specific training essentials.

The next four months went by with the speed of a hurried rabbit down the hole. Between work, cleaning pee off the floor and praying he doesn’t get hip dysplasia, we didn’t realize we’re in big trouble. Our furry baby had started to fear everything and everyone outside the house. He’d lunge and bark at anything that moved closer than three hundred feet from him. Let’s just say it was sad. Really sad.

Eventually my greatest dream became going for a walk with my dog. A nice, relaxed walk, where he’d happily sniff the pee-mails on tree trunks, politely say hi to other people and their dogs, and the leash would always hang in a wide smile.

Years went by and today I’m closer to my dream than I ever hoped for. We’re doing doggy school, group walks and we even started some individual walks. Maybe you’re wondering, “How did you get here?” Well, by studying dog training books and seminars, tens of them. And by doing thousands of training sessions. And of course, with help from many wonderful friends.

I now want to share what I’ve learned with you. I made it my mission to make sure no one goes through this. Ever. I want you to love your life with your Berner. I’m so enthusiastic about it that I quit my software developer job to write a book about Bernese Mountain Puppy education and training.

This book is available to you today, so click here to buy it now.

Karen Pryor Academy - Dog Trainer Foundations Certificate Alexandra Niculai