Bad dogs and how to socialize your puppy with umbrellas

Six years ago I’d never had a dog and I didn’t know the first thing about them. Dog socialization? Never heard of it. Dog training? I thought it was only for TV dogs to teach them tricks.

Then I met Fabien, my sweetheart. And he had an old dog, Chika. She was amazing and already educated, so I thought all dogs were like her. Except for the bad dogs, who turned bad because their owners were bad people.

Then we got our puppy, Bono. He was two months old when he became a member of our family. And hey, it turns out dogs aren’t born all educated. But before we figured that out, it was too late. It didn’t take long, only four months and we were in big trouble.

How come, you may wonder? Well, this guy is 100 pounds and he’d bark and lunge whenever we went for walks. Which made walks impossible. Which made the situation even worse.

Maybe the people who saw him on walks thought he was a bad dog. Maybe they thought we were bad people. I know I would have thought that. Before.

And indeed, Bono is not a good dog. He’s better than good. He’s a wonderful dog. He’s kind and cuddly and obedient and all the people who get to know him are forever in love with this pooch.

He’s just scared of everything new. New people, new dogs, new things and new places. We’re constantly working on his re-socialization and he’s doing better and better every day. We’re even allowed in doggy school, how about that? 🙂

And we… We’re not bad people. We just lacked the knowledge about dog socialization at the critical time when we needed it. There’s no one to blame for that. And I certainly learned my lesson in judging people.

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